This is the primary properties database. It contains all the content needed to display properties on your site with the exception of images, which are included in a separate file. There are approximately 700k properties included in this file. 

An updated version is uploaded on a weekly basis.

FieldData TypeDetails
propertyIDintunique property ID
propertyNameStringproperty name
brandCodeStringBrand Code. For full list see here: 
address1StringStreet Address 1
address2StringStreet Address 2
locationIDint“Primary” location ID. A hotel may fall in the bounding box of multiple locations (Malibu and Los Angeles, for example), but this attempts to map the hotel to a primary location
stateCodeStringState/Province code
postalString Postal / Zip Code
countryCodeString2 character Country Code
latitudefloathotel latitude
longitudefloathotel longitude
priceClassIDintGeneral classification of how expensive the hotel is (this is not star rating)
areasServedStringDescription of areas the hotel serves
searchWeightintA weighting of demand for the hotel. This can be used in sorting the listings or in typeahead sort. The higher the number, the more popular the hotel is.
locationDescriptionStringA description of the hotel location. 
imageThumbnailStringHotel thumbnail URL as hosted on TravelWin CMS
propertyTypeIDintProperty Segment:
13|All Inclusive Resort 9|Bed & Breakfast 11|Boutique 12|Condo/Vacation Rental 8|Extended Stay Hotel 10|Guest Ranch 14|Hostel 2|Hotel – Full Service 1|Hotel – Limited Service 4|Hotel/Casino 3|Hotel/Conference Center 7|Inn & Suites 5|Motel 6|Resort 15|Weekly Rentals
numFloorsintnumber of floors
numRoomsintnumber of rooms
yearBuiltintyear hotel was first built
yearOfLastRenovintyear of last renovation
propertyPhoneStringhotel phone number
mobilStarRatingintStar Rating (1-5 with no half stars)
descriptionStringHotel Description
cancellationPolicyStringGeneral Hotel Cancellation Policy – This may vary based on the room/rate offered, so we recommend only showing policy at the rate level, which comes from the rate API call
checkinTimeStringHotel Check in time
checkoutTimeStringHotel Check out time
featuredAmenitiesStringComma separated list of “featured amenities”, which can be used for filtering and prominent display.  
113 – Beach
61 – Outdoor Pool
9000259 – Local Shuttle Service
9001104 – pets allowed (contact hotel)
9000206 – Airport Shuttle
9000505 – Complimentary Breakfast
132 – Fitness Center
119 – Business Center
130 – Golf Course
9000527 – Restaurant on site
maxPricefloatMax price for the hotel seen in the TravelWin system in last 30 days
minPricefloatMin price for the hotel seen in the TravelWin system in last 30 days
medianPricefloatMedian price for the hotel seen in the TravelWin system in last 30 days
avgRebatefloatAverage Rebate for the hotel seen in the TravelWin system in last 30 days
lastUpdateDatetimetimestamp of the last data update (usually modifying min/max/median pricing)