This is the primary locations database. It contains all the content needed to display locations on your site . There are approximately 25k locations included in this file. 

An updated version is uploaded on a weekly basis. 


FieldData TypeDetails
locationIDintUnique locationID
stateStringState/Province Code
countryStringCountry Code
displayCSCStringFull location name, including city and country
countryNameStringShort Country Name (e.g. “”United States”)
countryLongNameStringLong Country Name (e.g. “”United States of America”)
locationThumbnailStringsmall thumbnail image for carousels and search results listings
locationHeroStringlarge hero image for landing pages
hotelCountintnumber of hotels within 15km radius
searchCountintnumber of searches performed on this destination, for use in sorting (future use)
avgPricefloataverage price for hotels in this destination (future)
minPricefloat min price seen for a hotel in this destination (future)
maxDiscountfloatmax % cashback seen for hotels in this destination (future)
lastUpdateDateTimelast update timestamp